Godox ML60II Bi Review

 Godox recently has just released the perfect light Godox ML60II Bi for content creators. Godox ML60II Bi is a super compact and capable of fulfilling a wide range of functions. With their vast experience in creating numerous iterations of lights, Godox has truly demonstrated their expertise in the design and intricate details of this particular model. Although the entire body of the light is made of plastic, but it is still high-quality.

The materials are not only of good quality but also complemented by a modern gray and white color scheme, making it visually appealing for those whose lights are visible in their videos. On the ML60II Bi ’s back, there are two press-able dials and a distinctive power switch that provides a more satisfying user experience compared to the typical switches commonly found in other lights.

When it comes to CCT mode, the left knob adjusts the color temperature from a warm 2800 to a cool 6500 Kelvin in 100 Kelvin increments, while the right knob adjusts the brightness in 1% increments. Additionally, this light has the ability to retain the last settings used, even when unplugged, so it will start up right where you left off. By pressing in on the right knob, you can switch to effects mode, which offers 11 customizable special effects.

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In terms of its effects mode, turning the left knob changes the currently used effect, while the right knob adjusts the brightness. By pressing in on the left knob, you can adjust specific preset settings for each effect, such as speed, frequency, or color temperature. Holding down the right knob allows you to toggle Bluetooth on or off, which helps conserve battery power. When enabled, you can control the light using the Godox Light mobile app. The mobile app connects quickly, allowing you to control multiple lights simultaneously. It also provides additional customization options for special effects.

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On the bottom of the light, you will find the locking power port. However, one notable difference is that the threads are internal, meaning there is nothing protruding from the bottom of the light. Additionally, you will notice a quarter-inch threaded hole with locating pin holes. These features prevent the light from twisting when it is attached to the battery grip or when using the light stand adapter.

The ML60 Mark II includes an AC adapter, and it also offers optional V-mount and NPF battery grips. The battery grips are equipped with a battery level indicator, can be attached directly to a light stand, and have flip-out feet to safely place the lights on a flat surface.

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The grip features a textured faux leather material, and the battery portion of the grip is detachable. Additionally, the battery grip includes an adjustable mount on top. While the battery grip on the original ML60 was adequate, this new version is more refined, utilizing improved materials, making it better overall.

Everything fits perfectly into a high-quality carrying case, including the battery grip and two large NPF batteries. The case is compact, semi-rigid, and well-padded, ensuring excellent protection. However, it's worth noting that due to the light's small size, it does not have a standard Bowen Mount. Instead, it features a Godox mount and comes with a mini stock reflector.

The Godox mount has been in use for a long time, and there is actually a good variety of modifiers available. For example, the popular AD-S65 and AD-S85 softboxes are affordable and lightweight options. Additionally, there are some exciting new pop-up silicone diffusers and the MLP projection modifier, which offer unique lighting effects. 

The Godox ML CD15 is a collapsible dome diffuser that offers six different functions. It includes three adapters, allowing you to use it not only with Godox mount video lights but also with both square and round Godox head flashes. This dome diffuser is excellent as a key light and can also enhance the ambient light in the room simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Godox ML CS 1625 is a rectangular softbox measuring approximately 6 1/2 x 10 inches. It also comes with the same adapters as the dome diffuser. Due to its larger size, the rectangular softbox provides a softer light and has a slightly more directional effect. Both the dome diffuser and rectangular softbox are lightweight, making them easy to swap out. However, the standout feature for me is their compactness, as they can be packed down almost completely flat.

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In addition to, it's worth mentioning the Godox MLP projection unit as another excellent fit for this light, utilizing the Godox mount. Projection attachments offer several capabilities if you're not familiar with them. You can focus the light to create hard edges instead of soft falloff like a reflector or a diffuser lens.

 Additionally, the four shutters allow you to shape the light into various forms beyond a simple circle, which offers exciting possibilities. One of my favorite techniques is using the projection attachment to transform any object into a unique light source.

The MLP kit includes six Gels and offers additional sets that allow you to create shadow effects resembling windows, tree branches, leaves, and more. One of the coolest things about this projector in particular is that you can continuously rotate the entire front element 360° with detents every 90° that snap into place. It also comes with a gel holder there's an optional Iris diaphragm you can get and you can choose between 19 26 and 36 degree lenses depending on what you might need.

The construction of this projection modifier is impressively heavy-duty, with most of it made from high-quality metal. It provides a fun and creative method to enhance your lighting capabilities. However, it's important to note a pro tip: avoid placing this or any other projection modifier directly on a flat surface, as it may cause the shutters to bend.

When it comes to the ML60 Mark II's performance, we conducted a brightness and color accuracy test by pairing it with my Syonic C800. Here are the results I obtained:


When setting the light to 3200 Kelvin, we measured a CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of 3217, a brightness of 2530 Lux, and a color correction number of 4 (indicating a slight green shift). The CRI (Color Rendering Index) was 97.7, and the SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) compared to the tungsten standard was 83.

When adjusting the light to 5500 Kelvin, we recorded a CCT of 5453, a brightness of 3030 Lux, and a color correction number of 0.9 (suggesting a minimal green adjustment). The CRI was 96, and the SSI compared to the daylight standard was 72.

That's great to hear! It's expected for a good quality bi-color LED light to perform as you described. Regarding the slightly more magenta tint on the daylight end, it's worth mentioning, but considering that LEDs tend to shift towards green over time, it may not be a significant concern. Taking into account the color accuracy and brightness for a 60W bi-color light, I can confidently recommend the ML60 Mark I by Color.

Based on the information, it seems like the Godox ML60 Mark II by Color is an excellent choice for content creators. It offers high-quality construction, an appealing design, and great flexibility with multiple power options and a wide range of available modifiers. Considering these factors, it is highly recommend the Godox ML60II Bi for any content creators.

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