Godox ML60 Review

Although Godox has released the updated version of the Godox ML60, namely the Godox ML60II Bi, the ML60 remains highly popular among videographers and photographers. In this article, we will be discussing the classic Godox LED video light, the Godox ML60.

Since the release of the Godox SL60w, many users have complained about the fan noise, prompting Godox to improve this feature in the Godox SL150Mark II. The Godox ML60, on the other hand, comes with several updates when compared to previous models.

Sturdy Design and Useful Case

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Let's take a look at what you get with the ML60. The standout feature is the dedicated case it comes with. When you look at it, you'll see that it's the type of case you've been wanting. It's padded and offers a sturdy construction. The color is fantastic. Additionally, it has straps for easy carrying. Inside, there is a central compartment with dividers, allowing you to customize it similar to a camera bag.

A Variety of Accessories

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In addition to, this light is like a mini bowens adapter so you won't be able to put your accessories that you already own onto this light. For dedicated accessories, you will need to make additional purchases. However, Godox has introduced a Bowens mount accessory that can be easily attached to the ML60, transforming it into a Bowens mount compatible light.

It is impressed with the variety of accessories that come with this light, especially considering its price. It includes all the necessary cables, accommodating users who prefer using it indoors with the included AC power adapter. The cable length is also worth noting, and the light itself is lightweight.

Easy to Use

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The ML60 comes with a battery pack that is compatible with Sony MPF 970 batteries. The battery pack features a power indicator that allows you to check the remaining battery level by simply pressing a button. Depending on the placement of the battery pack, you have two cable options.

You can attach the battery pack directly to the light grip itself, which provides a compact and convenient setup. There is a small cable included for directly powering the light. Alternatively, they have also included a longer cable if you prefer to mount the bracket in a different location.

Let's consider an example. If you need a slightly longer cable, they have taken care of that as well. To detach the cable, simply press the small button and unclip it. It's as simple as that. However, one thing to be cautious about is that if you have a softbox attached to the light and you want to tilt the light downward, the battery pack may obstruct your movement.

In such cases, it might be more convenient to mount the battery pack in a different location to overcome this limitation. If you have a C stand, you can adjust the angle of the stand, allowing the light to be positioned at a different angle, reducing the need to access the battery pack. There are always workarounds available.


Speaking of softboxes, because of the mini Bowens mount, you have a variety of compatible softbox options to choose from. Godox has introduced their own softbox called the ADS 60S, which is sold separately and not included with the ML60. The softbox features a layered design with an outer diffusion layer, an inner diffusion layer, and a honeycomb grid.

This allows you to control and limit the light spill onto your background. Additionally, the softbox has a convenient zippered opening. This makes it easy to attach and detach the softbox from the light. When you're ready to use it, simply zip it closed for a secure fit.

Socket Design

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Now, let's discuss the socket design. It is cleverly designed for easy folding and compact storage. The ML60 comes with a small bag, making it convenient to carry. To pack it down, you just need to push the socket, similar to an umbrella, into the designated area where it securely clips into place. Once assembled, you can attach your chosen diffusion layer onto the softbox.

Fan Noise

In terms of fan noise. Through testing, the Godox ML60 is much quieter than the SL60w, which is definitely a bonus. Additionally, the ML60 offers two modes: you can choose to turn the fan on or off. By pressing the small button, you can select "fan off," which limits the brightness to a maximum of 50%.

If you turn the fan on, it will kick in, allowing you to utilize the full brightness range up to 100%. Currently, the light is set at 77%, and as you can hear, even at maximum brightness, the fan noise is barely noticeable.

If you compare the Godox ML60 to the SL60w. When at 77% and 100%, there is not any issues with the SL60w's fan noise. The ML60 takes it a step further and is whisper silent, which is an absolute bonus.

Simple Use for Remote Control

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In addition, you also receive a remote control with the ML60, which is identical to the remotes that come with the SL150ii and the SL60w. If you're already familiar with those remotes, you'll find the controls to be nice and simple. You can turn the light on/off, change the group settings, and adjust the brightness.

Furthermore, you get a convenient clip mount that is incredibly handy for attaching the power bank to your light. It provides a secure and easy way to keep everything together.

That clip mount is indeed handy for keeping the power bank secure and preventing it from dangling on the floor. It provides a sturdy attachment, ensuring it stays in place. Despite its small size, I wanted to ensure that the ML60 maintained the same brightness as the SL60w.

After conducting some tests, It is found that the ML60 is even slightly brighter than the SL60w, although the difference is subtle. There is a slight variation in color temperature, with the ML60 appearing slightly cooler. However, this change is minimal and personally. The color difference isn't significant enough to require a major adjustment in your color grading workflow.

Brightness Range

One notable improvement is that the ML60 offers a wider brightness range. While the SL60w only goes down to 10% brightness, the ML60 allows you to go all the way down to 1%, providing more flexibility in controlling the light intensity


Overall, the ML60 is an incredible light. It's surprising how Godox managed to create such a compact and functional product. The attention to detail is evident, especially with the included accessories. The build quality is exceptional as well, which is a testament to its overall craftsmanship.

It's true that when a product comes with numerous accessories, there is often a concern about their quality. However, in the case of the ML60, the accessories maintain the same high-quality standard you would expect from Godox.

They don't feel cheap or flimsy. While the light is made of plastic, it doesn't feel like low-quality plastic. It has a solid construction that gives the impression of durability.

The controls on the back of the light are straightforward and easy to use. On the right, you have the brightness adjustment, allowing you to easily control the intensity of the light. There is also a "Set" button that takes you to the menu options. From there, you can toggle the fan on or off, change the channels and groups, both on the light itself and on the remote.

Additionally, the ML60 offers built-in effects, which is a feature worth mentioning. These effects can add creative lighting patterns to your shots, enhancing the overall versatility of the light.

Indeed, with the ML60, you can change the lighting effects directly from the back panel of the light itself. However, it's worth mentioning that the effects cannot be adjusted or changed using the remote control.

It would have been a convenient feature if the remote allowed for changing the effects, especially in situations where you may need to modify the effect during a shot.

This would eliminate the need for someone to physically access the light and make adjustments. Instead, you could do it yourself using the remote control.

The ML60 offers various lighting effects, including lightning, fireworks, and a TV effect. While you may not personally use these effects frequently, having them available can be beneficial for certain situations or creative projects. The inclusion of these effects in the ML60 is a notable improvement compared to the SL60w, which lacked this feature.

It is recommended that the ML60 is an excellent choice for individuals who are considering purchasing their first light and primarily use it for YouTube videos. Its compact size and portability make it suitable for on-location shooting as well.

The versatility and quality of the ML60 make it a reliable choice for content creators who require a versatile lighting solution at an affordable price point. However, if you are on a tighter budget and don't require battery power, the SL60w is still a recommended option. It provides comparable performance when connected to mains power, and you can save some money by opting for it.


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