Our 11 Favorite Video Production Blogs (2024)

When it comes to choosing LED lights and setting up your studio for lighting, there is a wealth of information and tips available for you to learn. We recommend reading blogs and articles that provide valuable insights and helpful information about video production. Now, in this article, we’ve gather some excellent blogs for video production.

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No Film School

No Film School is a renowned and exceptional website dedicated to video production, founded by award-winning filmmaker Ryan Koo. As a result, it offers a professional and easily understandable platform to learn and grasp excellent practical tips that can be applied in real-life scenarios. This website covers a wide range of information, including the latest news, tutorials, interviews, and videos, all aimed at helping you become a better filmmaker. Additionally, if you enjoy watching videos and listening to podcasts, No Film School has its own YouTube Channel and Podcast, catering to your preferences.



Among the various websites we have explored, Cined truly stands out with its user-friendly interface and professional, in-depth gear review articles. This website offers a wide range of information suitable for both beginners and advanced filmmakers. Moreover, the behind-the-scenes discussions with accomplished filmmakers provide valuable insights into the storytelling process and serve as a source of inspiration.

For those seeking a systematic approach to learning video production, Cined's courses can pave the way towards a successful and professional filmmaking career.



Shutterstock's blog is a platform where Shutterstock, a popular stock photography and stock footage provider, shares articles, insights, and resources related to the creative industry. The blog covers various topics such as photography, videography, graphic design, marketing, and more. It offers tips, tutorials, industry news, and inspiration for photographers, videographers, designers, and other creatives.



Our mission is to create tactical and actionable articles that teach valuable skills. We aim to highlight the incredible work being done in our industry on a daily basis. Rather than conducting armchair interviews, we delve into the intricate details and demonstrate how things actually work in practice. Interestingly, in this website, there are many interviews, which is to have a discussion with some excellent people, including Oscar-winning editors, award-winning cinematographers, and other top-level professionals in various positions on the sets of some of the biggest blockbuster films being released.



Jonny Elwyn's blog exudes a clear passion for assisting aspiring filmmakers. The blog provides informative posts covering various aspects of filmmaking, including video editing, color grading, technology, and the underlying principles behind them.



NOAM KROLL was founded by Noam Kroll, an LA-based filmmaker. His blog provides a wealth of diverse and professional information about directing, editing, and cinematography, all based on his personal experiences. By reading his blog, you can gain first-hand knowledge and insights from his real-life shooting situations. Additionally, if you enjoy listening to podcasts, you can stay tuned to his channel and find inspiration there.




Filmmaker Magazine provides comprehensive coverage spanning the entire film and video spectrum, with a keen awareness of the ever-evolving nature of the industry. Whether you're seeking DIY hacks, film festival reviews, or the latest updates on cinema cameras, Filmmaker Magazine proves to be an excellent resource for staying informed and up to date.



Film Riot is a blog owned by Vimeo, known for its collection of short filmmaking tutorials, filmmaker interviews, and reviews of films and gear, all from the perspective of film production.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, including cinematography, lighting techniques, apparel and gear reviews, advice for low-budget filmmaking, audition tips, and even information about Chinese New Year. This blog provides an abundance of valuable information for DIY filmmakers as well as seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their skills.


Video Copilot

Video Copilot is an exceptional tool for post-production and special effects in videos. With Video Copilot, you have access to a wide range of tools and resources, including templates and lessons, that are essential for enhancing your video production. By utilizing their offerings, you can create stunning effects that will elevate the visual impact of your videos.



Motionographer is a website that offers a wealth of inspiration and fantastic ideas for motion graphics and motion graphics projects. It provides a valuable opportunity to explore the latest news and technology in the field of motion graphics and animation. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to hire talented animators, Motionographer is an excellent platform to efficiently bring your project to life.

Creative Cow

The Creative Cow is a virtual community for film and video production and many professional and excellent filmmakers share their tips and excellent works in this community. If you have a question or a problem that seems unsolvable, please use the Creative Cow community. Thousands of like-minded individuals are ready and eager to assist you.

If you're looking to delve into the depths of video production and connect with talented professionals, I highly recommend signing up for the Creative Cow forum. By actively participating and sharing your outstanding videos, you can both learn from and inspire fellow video producers and filmmakers.

Registering for the Creative Cow forum and logging in regularly not only provides an opportunity to contribute but also allows you to expand your skills in video and filmmaking. The Creative Cow blog covers a wide range of subcategories, including editing, technology, and entertainment, providing valuable insights and resources.