What is Godox?

GODOX Photo Equipment Co. Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1993, they offer a wide range of studio photography equipment, including studio flash, camera flashes (speedlites), continuous lighting, flash accessories, power packs, flash triggering and control systems, microphones as well as other studio accessories.

Godox says that their aim is to deliver high-quality products to customers at competitive prices. They have successfully achieved this mission with their lineup of budget-friendly and reliable flash lights and continuous lighting, such as the Godox v1 series, Godox ML60 series, Godox SL60w and ect. 

Godox has expanded its product lineup to include various microphone equipment, which has gained popularity among videographers and photographers. Notable offerings include the Godox WEC Kit 2 and Godox Movelink II, both highly regarded in the industry.

Godox also allows rebranding of its products when the order quantity reaches a certain threshold.. In the USA, Adorama sells their products under the brand name "Flashpoint." In the United Kingdom and Canada, the products are sold under the name "Pixpro."

One of Godox's groundbreaking products was the Witstro AD180 / AD360 Bare Bulb Flash. The Godox Witstro AD180 was a significant advancement as a manual bare bulb hotshoe flash option, offering 150WS power, remote manual power control, and even remote FP HSS capabilities. It filled the gap left by the discontinuation of flashes like the popular Sunpak 120J, providing photographers with a versatile and powerful lighting solution.


“Bowens International Ltd., an English manufacturer of studio flash units, will discontinue its operations,” Calumet Photographic writes in a statement released to PetaPixel, and when asked for the reasons why they answered:

“The first reason is the emergence of “considerably less expensive products by Chinese manufacturers,” the company says. Companies like Godox, Phottix, Jinbei, Meike, and Yongnuo — some of which have served as OEM manufacturers for Western brands — have been able to eat into the market share of the lighting market by offering comparable products with competitive features at significantly cheaper prices.”

Now the new manufacturers introduced new specs and features that it seems Bowens couldn’t keep up with, and they are cheap and stable in performance.

Godox has been competing with Aputure in the LED light market by introducing budget-friendly and reliable options like the Godox VL 150/200/300, SL 150/200 II, and Godox ML60 in 2020.

However, Aputure is preparing to strike back.In 2024, Rumors is that Godox released the Godox ML60II, a direct competitor to the Aputure Amaran COB 60X S Bi-Color LED. This new offering from Godox aims to provide a similar level of performance and features with affordable price, catering to the needs of photographers and videographers in the market.



What is the difference between Godox and Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a brand created by Godox specifically for the US market and distributed by Adorama. The advantage of purchasing Flashpoint products in the US is that customers receive warranty and support services through Adorama, eliminating the need to wait for support directly from Godox in China. This local support system provides convenience and peace of mind for customers in the US.

How long does Godox flash last?

1/300 to 1/20000 seconds

Is Godox a good flash brand?

Yes. Godox offers many nice and high-quality photography and video equipment, making all users produce excellent videos and images.

What is TTL Godox?

TTL mode, or Through-The-Lens metering, is indeed beneficial for shooting in dynamic lighting environments, such as outdoor settings, events, or weddings. It enables the camera to automatically adjust the flash power based on the real-time metering of the scene, ensuring proper exposure even as lighting conditions change.

Is Elinchrom better than Godox?

Elinchrom has the same great reputation as the Godox. These two brands could offer excellent and high-quality products and some great customer services.