Godox R1 RGB LED Video Light -Silver

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Godox R1 is Full Color Rechargable Mini LED Light, with 2500k-8500k color range CRI 98, 14 FX Llighting effects and music sync, aluminum alloy shell and magnetic design which is quick install.

High Color Rendering with a CRI of 98 and a TLCI of 97, 2500-8500k, brightness adjustment 0-100%.

Support hue(H:0-360)/saturation(S:0-100)/brightness(0-100%) adjustment to create any color needed.

14 common scene mode simulation effects, great for live broadcast,camping,selfie,video etc.In "music" mode.

Godox R1 will deliver lights that beat with music, clapping or knocking.If you love music or dance, this is a must try decoration for you.

 90 mins long battery duration with 100% brightness, USB Type-C charging.7.5cm in diameter, 150g in weight, small and portable.

Compatible with the magnetic modifies AK-R1(sold separately)to make more dramatic lighting effects.Built-in Magnets allow qucik install on the metal surface.