Godox M1 RGB LED Full Color Video Light- Gray

Sale price$129.00


Key Features

  • 2500 to 8500K variable color temperature

  • Hue and saturation adjust with 360 colors

  • High CRI / TLCI of 97

  • 15 special effects and 40 presets

  • Built-in mic for Music mode

  • Articulating mounting bracket with 1/4"-20 threads

  • 2410mAh battery lasts 2.5 hours on full power

  • USB Type-C charging cable




Colour Temperature




RGB Range

360 Full Colours


1700 lux @1m





Battery Run Time


Battery Capacity



145 x 70 x 15mm





The Godox M1 RGB LED Full-Color Video Light is a compact, high-quality lighting tool that is as lightweight as it is powerful. Its small size makes it easy to carry in your pocket, allowing you to bring professional lighting with you wherever you go. This pocket-size LED video light can allow users to adjust and control hue and saturation from 360 colors when in RGB mode. The Godox M1 RGB LED video light is equipped with an adjustable color temperature ranging from 2500 to 8500K, which can ensure a versatile light source for various applications. Its 15 special modes and 40 presets stimulate your creativity and help you bring your ideas to life.

With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97, the Godox M1 RGB LED video light guarantees true-to-life colors and accurate color rendering, making it an ideal choice for photographers and videographers.

 Portable and Affordable LED Light Panel

The Godox M1 RGB LED Full Color Video Light measures 145 x 70 x 15mm and weighs 240g, which fits into your pocket, and backpack. This unit is the best choice for on-the-go photographers and videographers.

Stimulate your Creativity with Different Light Effects

The Godox M1 RGB LED Full Color Video Light has 15 special effect modes (including GB Cycle, Flash, Laser, Lightning, Broken Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Cop Car, Fire Engine, Ambulance, Music, SOS, Light Burst) and 40 presets in FX Mode, allowing photographers and videographers to apply these light effects on different applications for creating some great and standout images and videos. Its color temperature spanning from 2500 to 8500K in CCT Mode and high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97 is powerful and excellent. These two features can allow photographers and videographers to set the desired and accurate color for their shots.

Rechargeable Built-In Battery and Built-In Mounting Bracket

With a built-in high-performance 2410mAh lithium battery, this LED video light makes sure around 2.5 hours at full power without interruption. Also, it can be charged by the USB Type-C port.  Due to its built-in mounting bracket, this video-led light features a built-in articulating bracket that greatly simplifies the lighting setup process. This bracket can be conveniently mounted to any 1/4" thread, offering a wide range of options for positioning and angling the light.

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