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Key Features

  • Built-in Lithium Battery:1800mA

  • Power Source of Charging:5V 1A

  • Power: 6W

  • Color Temperature Range:3200K~6500K

  • 100% Illuminance(LUX)(0.5m)(≈):270

  • CRI(≈):95

  • Brightness Range:0%~100%

  • Duration:2H-10H

  • Working Environment Temperature:-10~45°C

  • Dimension :77*66*30 mm

  • Net Weight:110g


Lighting Type
RGB Video Light

Brightness Adjustment Range
0 - 100%
Color Temperature
Color Temperature Version
RGB Version
Model Number
Color Temperature Range



The Godox LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED Light is designed for various situations, including vlogging, party, or product photography. This LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED light, as a small and pocket-size LED video light, is portable and easy to carry around, allowing users to take it anywhere and use it anytime. The LED6R RGB LED light offers versatile lighting options to suit your needs. It can be switched between RGB output, allowing you to choose from a wide range of 36,000 colors, and CCT mode, which offers a variable color temperature ranging from 3200 to 6500K. Additionally, the LED6R RGB LED light is dimmable, offering adjustable brightness levels from 0 to 100%. This feature enables you to fine-tune the intensity of the light to achieve the perfect lighting balance for your subject or scene.

The light fixture can offer users battery life between 2 to 10 hours based on your light setting. With its 13 light effect modes(RGB color chase, lightning, flash, fire, fireworks, and a variety of emergency vehicle flashing lights), this light can unleash user’s creativity and produce some excellent and unique videos. Additionally, this light is equipped with three built-in cold shoes, allowing for stacking additional lights together and creating a larger light source.

Versatility and Easy to Use

This LED6R is powerful enough to light up any situation, including creative shots, vlogs, lighting a party, or taking product photography. This video LED light also allows users to control and adjust its color temperature from 3200 to 6500K and brightness from 0 to 100%, which can allow for accurate and bright color rendering.

Long Battery Life and Simple Design

For anyone who wants a simple and long battery life of LED video light, this LED6R is the best option. It has a built-in magnet on the back of this light. This means that users can mount this LED video light on any metal surface securely. This light also has an additional cold shoe for mounting the camera and three handles on the housing, allowing for a larger light source.

Various Light Effects

The LED6R light not only shines in various colors from the RGB color palette but also has many special effects modes. It includes a firetruck, police car, flash, laser, campfire simulation, and RGB wheel. 

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