Godox DP800III Professional Studio Flash Strobe 800Ws

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Key Features

  • A full-featured 800Ws monolight
  • Built-in 2.4G Godox Wireless X system
  • 800 Ws maximum power
  • Color Temperature of 5600k
  • Flash duration from 1/800 to an action-stopping 1/2000 sec
  • Ideal light sources for wedding, portrait, fashion shooting, and product photography


Godox DP800III Professional Studio Flash, as a high quality and advanced studio flash, comes with 800Ws moonlight and built-in 2.4G Godox Wireless X system, which lets photographers a high volume of power output for different photography conditions and control and trigger the flash remotely, such as Godox XPro or X2T transmitter. In addition, its color temperature of 5600K is rated for ensuring accurate and great lighting effects for natural-looking results. The Godox DP800III Professional Studio Flash can allow photographers to adjust the studio flash from 1/64 to full power and offer them great full control over the flash power output. The DP800III is equipped with a Bowens front accessory mount, which offers compatibility not only with Godox light shapers but also with light modifiers produced by various manufacturers that utilize the Bowens mount. 

 800W Maximum Power

With its 800W Maximum Power, the Godox DP800III Professional Studio Flash offers ample lighting power to effectively illuminate subjects and create the desired lighting effects, resulting in stunning and well-lit images.

Built-in 2.4G Godox Wireless X system

This flash unit has a built-in 2.4G wireless x system, offering a smooth and seamless connection between the flash unit and compatible Godox X series transmitters or triggers. This feature also ensures convenience and flexibility when adjusting the lighting setup.

1/800 to 1/2000 Sec Flash Duration

The flash duration lets photographers capture stunning images, even in a fast-moving subject. This feature also offers photographers great control over freezing action effectively. 

Color Temperature of 5600k

Godox DP800III advertises its color temperature of 5600k, meaning that it can ensure photographers a balanced and accurate representation of colors when taking pictures and videos and the resulting images and videos appear harmonious and natural-looking.

 A Bowens front accessory mount

The Godox DP800III Professional Studio Flash comes with a Bowens front accessory mount, allowing users to use and attach different light modifiers from different brands to expand the photographer's creative possibilities and access to a diverse range of light-shaping tools. 

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