ULANZI WL-1 Wide Angle Lens for Sony ZV1 Camera Vlogger -Black



ULANZI WL-1 Wide Angle Lens is with 18mm Wide Angle, 10X Macro 2-in-1 additional lens for Sony ZV1/RX100 VII Camera.

10X HD Macro amazing lens to creat and capture detailed close-up images of tiny objects. NOTE: When using macro, please take off the wide-angle lens, it can be taken off counterclockwis.

18mm Wide-angle Lens Capture a wider field of view with more people in it while preventing distortion. NOTE:The wide angle lens can not used individually. It must be used with the macro lens together.

High definition multi-layer coating increased Light Transmission and Reduced Internal Reflections Such as Flaring and Ghostin.

ULANZI WL-1 Wide Angle Lens can quickly install through 52mm bayonet, the lens does not affect the original lens shrinkage.

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