IVM-S3 Stereo On-Camera Cardioid Microphone



Key Features

  • Sleek, curved Scissor-Like design

  • It comes with two state-of-the-art angle-adjustable Cardioid microphones for great versatility

  • Features dual front-mounted microphones with cardioid polar patterns for capturing details in audio

  • 1-10 step-less gain control dial and built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  •  Supports a V30 MicroSD card

  • Easy to use and with a built-in OLED screen and standard 3.5mm TRS headphone jack


Polar-Pattern Cardioid
Frequency-Range 50Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity -38dB±2dB
Max. SPL >100dB
SNR >70dB
Output lmpedance 600Ω
Lithium Battery Parameters 3.8V, 470mAh, 1.786Wh
Type-C Input 5.0V/0.3A
Pickup Distance 2m
Battery Life

Approx. 12h in recording status.

Approx. 15h in normal working status.

Working Environment Temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃
Dimension 139x53x45mm
Net Weight 103g


The Godox IVM-S3 is your best pick in 2023. This latest Godox audio did the best job of capturing clear and high-quality sound while at indoor and outdoor activities. The Godox IVM-S3 is a professional microphone that all photographers or vloggers are happy to work with because it is equipped with two microphone heads and a scissor-like design for ease of use. This microphone’s cardioid polar pickup makes it ideal for reducing ambient background noise and offering clear sound. The Godox IVM-S3 is well suited for dedicated cameras and smartphones, and it is a top choice for video creators when it comes to interviewing, filming multiple people simultaneously, having musical performances, and more.

Full Stereo Immersion and 10 Stepless Gain Control

The Godox IVM-S3 is equipped with dual front-mounted microphones with cardioid polar patterns, so you can easily capture every detail in every minute and have more chances to post-process and edit for desired audio results. With a, the Godox IVM-S3 allows users to have precise control over their audio gain (the range from 0 to 10dB). The Godox IVM-S3 has a 1-10 step-less gain control dial. If you record sound, this feature can help you with low-frequency rumbles and other unwanted noise.

Maximum Coverage and Easy to Use

The Godox IVM-S3 supports versatility with its two angle-adjustable Cardioid microphones. This feature is great that you don’t expect in other microphone devices, allowing users to adjust the angles to 60°, 90°, or even up to 180 precisely to meet your needs. This microphone provides 3x Windshields that allow for reducing wind noise. Its durable shock mount is excellent for preventing vibrations. This model also offers a 470mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can ensure up to 15h running time, making it suitable for many types of audio-recording needs. This Godox IVM-S3 is excellent for videographers, independent filmmakers, and content creators looking for portable microphones.

Come with 400+ Hours Of Internal Recording.

The V30 MicroSD card lets users capture over 400+ hours of audio without interruption as they record. It is easier to back up your audio if you’re doing vlogging or doing outdoor activities.

This microphone has a built-in OLED screen and a standard 3.5mm TRS headphone jack. If you want to monitor the battery status and other information related to the microphone, whether indoors or outdoors, the Godox built-in OLED screen is the best. Other mics in this cheap price category don’t offer a headphone jack, but Godox IVM-S3 provides a standard 3.5mm TRS headphone jack for podcasting or recording vocals.

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