Godox WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light, 54W 15'' Daylight Underwater LED Light



Key Features

  • The versatile 15" tube-shaped light has a depth rating of 131'
  • Come with 13 preset special effects for creativity
  • 13 different light effects in the Daylight version and 37 in the RGBWW version
  • Runtime of up to 1 hour and 20 minutes for extended use
  • Quick Charge with 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Support Bluetooth APP remote control in above-water mode


Color Temperature



Depth Rating

131' / 39.9 m

Environmental Protection

Advertised as Dust Resistant/Water Resistant
*Manufacturer Testing: IP68

Operating Temperature

22 to 72°F / -10 to 40°C



Length: 15" / 38 cm


2.4 lb / 1.1 kg



The Godox WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light is well-suited for many users who enjoy exploring the underwater world and taking fantastic videos and images. With its waterproof rate of IP68, this WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light offers an excellent water-resistance environment for capturing underwater videos and pictures. Thanks to its workable up to 40m underwater, this dive tube-led light allows users to explore fantastic subjects and the world beneath the water. In general, taking underwater is often quite dark, and the WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light fixes this issue because it is equipped with an automatic switch feature, which can automatically turn to the high power mode when submerged and offers high brightness for lighting the subjects underwater and capturing detailed and clear images and videos. This Godox WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light has 13 lighting effects, a built-in OLED panel, and quick charging, making it an ideal choice for many photographers.

40 Meters Depth and More Creativity

The WT40D Waterproof LED Tube Light has an excellent 40m underwater depth performance. That allows users to show their creativity with the help of superior water resistance. Natural light cannot join your underwater photography. Therefore, the WT40D LED tube light can offer more brightness to you by switching to the high-power mode automatically, resulting in clear, detailed, and excellent images and videos.

Additionally, with its 13 preset special effects for the Daylight version and 37 in the RGBWW version, the WT40D can deliver captivating and artistic images and videos.

Dreamy images and Every second counts

This Godox WT40D can offer dreamy portrait photography underwater due to its diffused and evenly distributed light. The soft and gentle lighting creates a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere to your images. Every second is essential; therefore, to save time and improve productivity, the Godox includes a quick charging capability in the Godox WT40D and helps users recharge these LED lights quickly. Additionally, the Godox Light APP is an excellent tool that allows users to change and control various settings of the WT40R lights.

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