Godox WT25D Daylight Dive Tube Light



Designed to light up your underwater photo and video productions, the WT25D Daylight Dive Tube Light from Godox combines consistent performance and easy handling. This versatile 9.8" tube-shaped light has a depth rating of 131' and provides illumination from multiple angles. When submerged, the 5600K CCT light automatically switches to higher power, outputting up to 570 lux at 3.3'. CRI/TLCI scores of 96 ensure color accuracy, and 13 preset special effects simulate a wide range of creative shooting scenes. Thanks to its fluorescent buttons, the light can operate in complete darkness to reveal the wonders of sea life. A runtime of up to 1 hour assures you will have a bright, diffused, and even light throughout your dive. A built-in OLED panel efficiently shows the light's battery level. A bag and a USB-C charging cable are included for convenience.

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