Godox SL150II LED Video Light

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SL150II & SL200II LED Video Lights, 5600K daylight-balanced LED light sources in the power of 150Ws & 200Ws, more professional, high-performance, and durable while maintaining the best features from SL150W & SL200W.
This LED light is perfect for broadcasting, cinematography, online streaming, and other video applications.

Built-in GODOX 2.4G wireless X system, allowing you to adjust the brightness, group, and channel via the RC-A6 remote controller with ease. Selectable 32 channels and 16 groups ensure minimal interference with other nearby systems and equipment.

The stunning heat dissipation system and ultra-quiet design allow SL II to keep at a negligible noise while working. It's perfect for sound-sensitive environments as you can turn off the fan at a touch of Silent Mode Button to eliminate the noise during use.