Godox R1 RGB LED Video Light -Silver



Key Features

  • Three modes to fulfill different requirements
  • LED Bi-Color Mode for getting some standout environment
  • 14 FX special effects for adding some colorful and excellent light effects to studios
  • Easy to charge including built-in lithium battery and USB Type-C charging
  • Compatible with many magnetic accessories for creative lighting effect


Color Adjustment

Hue: 0 to 100
Color Saturation: 0 to 100


0 to 100%
100% Light Brightness (LUX at 1.6' / 0.5 m): 605

Color Temperature

2500K to 8500K


CRI: 98
TLCI: 97


Lithium 1800 mAh

Battery Life

Up to 1.5 Hours

Charging Port

USB Type-C

Power Input

5 V / 1 A or 5 V / 2 A (Maximum 5 W)

Operating Temperature

14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C

Dimensions (Diam. x H)

3.0 x 0.9" / 7.5 x 2.3 cm


5.3 oz / 150.0 g



This Godox R1 mini RGB LED Video Light is small and portable for users and photographers on the go. This mini RGB-led video light is equipped with three different modes, including hue (0-360°), color saturation ( 0-100), and brightness (0-100%). These three modes can offer users great control over the color and intensity of the light. This flexibility allows you to create the desired ambiance. With its CRI of 98 and TLCI of 97, this Godox R1-led video can ensure natural and precise color in different applications. Its 14 FX special effects are well-suited for many video creators who want to create some unique and colorful videos. These special effects may be a great addition to your videos. This small device can be charged by type C and charged for about one and a half hours to get full power. Its magnetic design allows for installing this device anywhere.

Easy to Use and Control

The Godox R1 mini RGB LED Video Light is easily installed on any surface thanks to its magnetic design. It has a button on this device, allowing for adjusting brightness, color, and modes simply. Measuring 3.0 x 0.9" and weighing 5.3 oz, it is easy for users to carry it around. This small device can be charged by Type-C USB charge, which allows users to charge the device for one and a half hours for full power.

Different Light Effects for Your Creative Videos

This Godox R1 is equipped with 14 built-in special effects, including RGB Cycle, Flash, Laser, Lightning, Broken, Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Cop Car, Fire Engine, Ambulance, Music, and SOS. These lighting effects can help photographers and users to create some creative and standout videos.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The R1-led video light works well with the optional AK-R1 Accessory Kit for more creativity and innovation. It has three lighting modes, including hue (0-360°), color saturation ( 0-100) and brightness (0-100%). These three modes can offer great flexibility over different applications. With its CCT mode, this Godox R1 can adjust the R1 from tungsten to balanced daylight (2500 to 8500K).

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