Godox ML-CS1625 softbox



Key Feature

  • Excellent and great light-weight accessory system
  • Compatible with most square flashes
  • Comfortable and great for controlling and using
  • Provide pleasing and soft lighting effect
  • Better light output than other devices

Easy to Use

The Godox ML-CS1625 Soft Tent, as a great and compact design, is easy to carry and use. It also offers users portability and flexibility to create some desired effects for more great images and videos.

Compatible with Many Different Accessories

This device can be well-suited for many all-around lamp holder flashes, such as the Godox V1 series.

Use Effect Scene

This Godox ML-CS1625 Soft Tent can offer photographers different light via folding methods, resulting in an increasing three-dimensional sense of the subject.

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