Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome Diffuser



Key Features

  • Portable collapsible light modifier
  • Smooth even softening light
  • Variable Light Effects
  • Suitable for Godox Round Head Flash V1C V1N V1S V1O V1F, AD100Pro, and AD200Pro Pocket Flash with Witstro H200R
  • Include Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome *1


Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome Diffuser is specifically designed to fit select round flash heads. This accessory effectively increases the illuminated surface area of the light, resulting in a larger and more diffused light source. It has a great shape design, ensuring a smooth and even softening effect on the light emitted by your flash. The Collapsible Diffusion Dome features a versatile design that allows it to be positioned at three different angles, offering various light modifying options. This flexibility enables you to experiment with different lighting techniques and find a style that sets your work apart from others.

Flexible Design

Four distinctive flexible shapes for creative light shaping have been built into the Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome Diffuser making it great for all photographers.

Even Soft Glow

With its perfect shape, Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome Diffuser ensures a smooth and even softening of the light, resulting in a pleasing and natural illumination of your subject. The diffusion dome's shape is carefully crafted to optimize the distribution of light, providing a seamless and gentle lighting effect.

Load Free

Designed with a compact and lightweight form factor, the AK-R22 is easy to carry and install on your roundhead flashes. It seamlessly attaches to the flash head without adding unnecessary weight or bulk, ensuring a load-free experience during your photography sessions.

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