Godox CL10 RGB LED Ambient Light



 Key Features

  • USB-powered CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light
  • built-in 39 effects 
  • Effective Control
  • Continual Webcasting
  • Come with wide-ranging light intensity, hue, and saturation on tap


The Godox CL10 is an excellent choice for people seeking ambient lighting for webcasts. With its lightweight and portable design, the CL10 provides convenient and effective lighting solutions. It also features a top row of buttons for easy on and off control, as well as built-in Bluetooth functionality.

The Godox CL10 offers 39 lighting effects to choose from, which allows users to create the desired atmosphere and enhance the visual appeal of their webcasts. The CL10 ensures ample brightness to illuminate the surroundings thanks to its maximum output of 1,110 lux, Like other Godox lighting equipment, the CL10 can be conveniently controlled via the Godox app using Bluetooth connectivity. This feature offers users seamless control over the light settings, allowing for precise adjustments to match their specific requirements.

RGB Mode

The Godox CL10's RGB mode offers users a multitude of options to create various desired ambient lighting effects. By leveraging the hue, saturation, and intensity controls, users can customize the lighting to meet their specific needs and achieve the desired ambiance for their webcasts.

39 Special Effects

The Godox CL10 can offer 39 special effects to change the lighting atmosphere quickly and create some amazing visuals. The 39 special effects include RGB Cycle, Flash, Laser, Broken Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Police Car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Music, and SOS.

Control Options

The Godox CL10 features an IR wireless remote control, which is easy to control and use the CL10.

USB Powered for Ultimate Convenience

Unlike conventional ambient lights, the Godox CL10 can be powered via USB. By included adapter, gives users the convenience to connect the CL10 light to a variety of devices, including a tabletop device, a smartphone, or an AC socket.

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