Godox AD100pro Pocket Outdoor Flash



Key Features

  • Power: 100Ws in 9 Steps: 1/1-1/256
  • TTL with Additional Equipment
  • Recycles: 0.01-1.5 sec, High-Speed Sync
  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • stop power range, from 1/256 to 1/1
  • Built-in Wireless


Godox AD100pro is a great addition to Godox camera flash lineups. The flash unit weighs 18.5 oz / 524 g, which is portable and easy to carry. Its recycle time of 0.01-1.5 sec and stop power range provide photographers versatility and control over the flash output. For its high-speed sync of up to 1/8000 second, it allows for freezing motion and gets some great images. The extended range for power level and modeling lamp up to 328' would offer flexibility and convenience in various shooting scenarios, both outdoors and in the studio.

Lightweight 18.5 Ounces portable Godox camera flash

Godox AD100pro with a weight of 18.5 oz and dimensions of approximately 4.7" (height) x 3.0" (width) x 3.0" (length), would indeed be a lightweight and compact option. This portable design makes it an ideal choice for photographers who frequently engage in outdoor photography, including portrait photography, event photography, or wedding photography.

The 9-stop power range, from 1/256 to 1/1

This feature can allow photographers to have a precise adjustment to the light emitted by the flash unit, resulting in the desired light effect and condition correctly.

Great wireless R2 radio performance

Wireless R2 radio provided by Godox offers photographers a stable and consistent signal transmission and also provides a convenient and flexible solution for off-camera flash setups in crowded environments.

What is the difference between Godox AD100Pro and Godox V1 Round Head?

The Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash and the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight have different purposes. The Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash is well-suited for studio lighting setups while Godox V1 Round Head is designed for in-camera and off-camera usage.

How big is the AD100Pro?

Godox AD100pro with a weight of 18.5 oz and dimensions of approximately 4.7" (height) x 3.0" (width) x 3.0" (length).

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