Interview with Videographer Niklas Brüne

 My name is Niklas, and I reside in Hilchenbach. From my early days in elementary school, where I experimented with Nintendo videos, to my current role as a videographer and CEO of a media agency, my journey has been a dynamic exploration of the world of visual storytelling.

What inspired you to start recording videos?

The beginning of my video production venture can be traced back to my fascination with YouTube content. The allure of Let's Plays and vlogs, especially those by influencers like Felix von der Laden or Casey Neistat, sparked my desire to create engaging and relatable videos.

Which videographer has had the most impact on your video production?Why?

DSLRGuide has been a significant influence on my videography. His approachable style and emphasis on affordable DSLR equipment resonated with me during my transition from gaming content to more technical videos.

Where did you learn your skills as a videographer?

My videography skills are predominantly self-taught. Early on, I navigated the complexities of video editing through YouTube tutorials. Starting with free programs, I eventually migrated to Adobe Premiere Pro, a journey marked by challenges and continuous learning.

What are some of the most important skills for a successful


Success in videography hinges on a multifaceted skill set. Proficiency in video editing software, a discerning eye for cinematography, creative storytelling, adaptability to evolving technologies, and effective client communication are paramount. The most important skill is networking and business in general.

What's your greatest achievement as a videographer?

 Transitioning from a personal YouTube channel to establishing NikVisuals Media is a significant achievement. The ability to offer videography services to local businesses and diversify into various media production projects has been advantageous.
One of my most outstanding achievements is a drone video
project for my local town, which made it to the local news and TV, but getting bigger clients is always excellent as you have more time to spend on their videos and can experiment a lot.

What video software are you familiar with?

My expertise lies in Adobe Premiere Pro for comprehensive video editing. I switched to Davinci Resolve Studio a few years ago as it is better for color grading, and I do not regret it.

 What's your favorite part about working as a videographer?

For me, the most gratifying aspect of videography is the creative process. From conceptualization to execution, witnessing ideas come to life and evoke emotions in the audience is truly fulfilling.

What equipment will you use?and why?

 My toolkit comprises a DSLR and cinema camera, a range of lenses to cater to diverse visual styles, a high-quality microphone ensuring crisp audio, and professional lighting equipment. Each piece is meticulously chosen to ensure reliability and deliver desired visual and audio quality.

 Have you heard about Godox? What kind of Godox equipment have you used before, and how did it feel?

 I have a strong affinity for Godox due to the excellent quality of their products coupled with their affordability. I currently possess a Godox SL 60W light and reflector, which I continue to use, even on large-scale projects. Additionally, I rely on their wireless microphone set, which delivers exceptional audio quality.

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