30 most influential macro photographers to follow in 2024

Macro photography is one of the most interesting and exciting genres, offering photographers and viewers a splendid opportunity to observe the intricacies of the smaller things around us. When capturing macro photos and witnessing the unseen world, it evokes a sense of relaxation and awe. As humans, we not only interact with our familiar surroundings but also need to explore the lesser-known, smaller world that coexists with ours.

Getting to know the macro photography history, excellent macro photography images and the famous photographers will make you become a better photographer. In this article, we’ll introduce some of impressive and excellent master photographers in macro photograhy.

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  1. Alexey Kljatov

most influential macro photographers

Alexey Kljatov (born in Moscow) is an excellent macro photographer who uses simple photo compositions, different snowflakers and Canon PowerShot A650is to capture beautifully awesome snowflakes images. He has had his work published by NASA, the Daily Mail, the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News.

  2. Steve Axford

most influential macro photographers

Steve Axford is one of the famous Austrial-born professional macro photographer. He is best known for his beauty and science of fungi. His style is simple and naturalistic. All these fungi images are colorful and vibrant when you see his images. He has won the Sony World Photography Awards, and his images provide a rare glimpse into the often overlooked organisms, showcasing their delicate structures and vibrant colors.

 3. Alison Pollack

most influential macro photographers

Alison Pollack (born 1947) is a renowned American macro photographer who is specialize in mushrooms and Myxomycetes (slime molds). Her ethereal images are accompanied by informative captions about her subjects, along with technical details of her photography process. Alison's photographs have been showcased in numerous print and online publications, including National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Science Weekly, and the Sunday New York Times.

 4. Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

most influential macro photographers

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, a renowned Italian photographer, is a Nikon Europa testimonial, Nikon School Master, and ESO Photo Ambassador. Born in Parma in 1975, he inherited his artistic talent from his grandfather at a young age. In 1998, he was passion about the potential of digital photography and started using a 0.06-megapixel camera. Because of his unique obsevation and excellent images, he has garnered over forty national and international awards.

5. Diego Mendez

most influential macro photographers

Diego Mendez, an Argentine macro nature photographer, is celebrated as the recipient of the Close-up Photographer of the Year Award. Guided by the motto "all good things are wild and free," he advocates for cruelty-free and ethical photography practices.

In his renowned macro photography, Diego delves into the captivating realm of insects and spiders without resorting to baiting techniques. As an arthropod conservationist photographer, he has skillfully captured thousands of macro photos, all within the natural habitats of these fascinating creatures.

6. Oliver Dum

most influential macro photographers

Oliver Dum, a German-based extreme macro photographer, and he likes capturing nature's intricate details. By various photography techniques, he utilizes a microscope to magnify his subjects, resulting in stunning images.

Dum's photographs goes beyong traditional 1:1 macro shots, venturing into extreme close-ups where even the tiniest details like pollen grains on insect eyes and scales become visible. His remarkable work has been showcased in numerous publications, which can be explored on his website.

 7. Thomas Shahan

most influential macro photographers

Thomas Shahan is a highly skilled macro photographer and artist known for his expertise in capturing close-up images of insects, with a particular focus on spiders. His remarkable talent is evident in his ability to reveal the intricate details of a jumping spider's individual hairs reflected in its eyes, as praised by a YouTube commenter.

Thomas's inclusion on this list is well-deserved, as his stunning photographs unveil an entire universe of minuscule subjects. Through his close-ups of spiders' eyes, he has shed a new light on these creatures, portraying them in a less menacing way that resonates with photographers and enthusiasts alike.

8. Fernan Federici

most influential macro photographers

Fernan Federici is an accomplished macro photographer, molecular geneticist, and award-winning microscopist. His extensive knowledge of microbial plant systems, combined with his technical proficiency, greatly enhances his photomicrography work, enabling him to document plants, bacteria, and crystals with precision.

Notably, Federici employs Fluorescence microscopy, a technique that utilizes light to stimulate atoms within a specimen, causing them to emit radiation that is then captured by the microscope. This method allows for the visualization of fluorescent regions against a dark background, resulting in high-contrast images that possess both striking visual appeal and valuable scientific information.

9. Nicky Bay

most influential macro photographers

Nicky Bay, a talented photographer based in Singapore, specializes in capturing the beauty of macro and micro fauna. His exceptional macro photos have garnered recognition from esteemed publications such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, and Nature TTL.

Known for his expertise in shooting close-up images of insects and other small creatures, Nicky has gained international acclaim for his remarkable work. His meticulous attention to detail transforms his photographs into captivating works of art. To explore his portfolio, visit his website. Additionally, Nicky offers books, photography gear, and more at his shop, Macro Dojo.

 10. Erwan Frotin

most influential macro photographers

Erwan Frotin, an artist with almost two decades of experience, has dedicated himself to exploring the plants, minerals, and animals through photography. His macro photography is characterized by intricate compositions and a profound command of digital tools.

Since 2010, Frotin has focused his research on capturing the diverse forms found in nature, resulting in a poetic encyclopedia of primitive, animal, and plant shapes. By meticulously portraying plants, he pays homage to the German photographer Karl Blossfeldt and the New Objectivity photography movement. Frotin's unique style emerges through his use of vibrant colors and deliberate compositions, creating a visual aesthetic that is distinctly his own.

 11. Vyacheslav Mishchenko

most influential macro photographers

Vyacheslav Mishchenko, a Ukrainian nature photographer, specializes in capturing images of small creatures in their natural habitats. He focuses on snails, insects, and various other animals. Mishchenko has gained significant recognition, particularly for his stunning photographs of snails. He invests considerable time photographing them in their natural habitats, aiming to capture their natural behavior. Mishchenko employs the FUJIFILM FinePix S200EXR and the NIKON D7000, along with the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G Lens, to achieve his remarkable shots.

12. Oscar Rojas

most influential macro photographers

Oscar Rojas, a nature-loving macro photographer hailing from Florida, specializes in Olympus macro photography. He captures a wide range of macro photos, particularly focusing on insects, spiders, and occasionally caterpillars. Rojas's ability to achieve remarkable sharpness in his close-up shots is noteworthy. He goes beyond capturing static images and also documents the behaviors of his subjects, such as spiders feeding on other small organisms. In his captions, he provides descriptive details of what can be observed in the photos and often includes technical information about the photographic process he employed.

 13. Adam Gor

most influential macro photographers

Adam, a biologist from Hungary, embarked on his photography journey in 2000 and gradually developed his skills to a professional level. His primary focus lies in capturing the exquisite world of butterflies and moths.

Adam's photographs stand out for their impeccable composition, carefully framing his subjects in visually captivating ways. He has a remarkable ability to seize the moments when the beauty of these creatures is most apparent, resulting in stunning images that captivate viewers.

14. Javier Rupérez

most influential macro photographers

Javier, a Spanish photographer, has found his niche in the extreme macro photography. This specialized genre delves into capturing details that are often imperceptible to the naked eye.

Through his macro shots, Javier masterfully captures the astonishing and sometimes unsettling beauty of insects. His photographs challenge our preconceived notions and force us to reconsider our understanding of the world that surrounds us.

15. Karla Thompson

most influential macro photographers

Karla Thompson is a macro arthropod conservationist photographer who is committed to ethical photography practices. She refrains from manipulating her subjects for photo opportunities, prioritizing the well-being and natural behavior of the arthropods she captures.

As a self-proclaimed Nikon enthusiast, Thompson's love for nature shines through her work. She aims to share her passion with others through her photographs, which can be found on her website MacroCosmos.


16.Josué Braun

most influential macro photographers

Josué Braun, a Brazilian photographer, possesses a keen interest in macro photography that predates his venture into photography in 2010. While he works with various subjects, his talent for macro photography stands out.

Braun utilizes a range of Nikon equipment to capture his images, including the Nikon D610, D750, and a converted Nikon D80 for infrared photography. He pairs these cameras with a 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens and an older 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens that features a macro function. These tools allow him to capture the intricate details of his subjects up close and personal, showcasing the hidden beauty that exists within the macro world.

17. Andrey Savin

most influential macro photographers

Andrey is an accomplished underwater photographer and videographer who holds certification as a diver. With his expertise in both fields, he spends significant time beneath the water's surface, capturing remarkable macro photographs that offer a rare glimpse into the underwater world.

Due to his extensive travels, Andrey has the opportunity to explore diverse aquatic environments, capturing vibrant and captivating images. In addition to his personal work, he also leads guided tours and workshops, providing fellow photography enthusiasts with the chance to learn from his experience and capture their own stunning underwater images.

  1. Hans Thomassenmost influential macro photographers

Hans Thomassen, a Brazilian biologist, researcher, photographer, and entrepreneur, is driven by a passion for raising awareness about nature and advocating for a sustainable world. Through his photography, he strives to capture the beauty and diversity of the natural world while also conveying important messages.

Thomassen's portfolio encompasses a wide range of creatures, with a particular focus on insects, spiders, amphibians, and reptiles. He excels in capturing stunning macro photographs of these subjects, showcasing the intricate details that often go unnoticed.

In addition to his visual storytelling, Thomassen goes the extra mile to educate his followers. Through informative captions accompanying his images, he provides valuable insights into the featured creatures, their behaviors, and their ecological significance.

 19. Alan Shapiro

most influential macro photographers

Alan, an award-winning photographer and chief creative officer in advertising, discovered his passion for photography through a hobby that eventually grew into a significant part of his life. With a diverse range of interests, macro photography is among the genres that captivate him.

In particular, Alan's macro photography focuses on capturing stunning, almost painting-like images of flowers. Through his lens, he transforms these delicate subjects into excellent and memorable works of art, showcasing their intricate details and vibrant colors.

  1. James Weiss

most influential macro photographers

James, a self-proclaimed funny individual who found his passion in an unexpected place, describes himself as someone who got lost in life and discovered a fascination for pond scum. This unique perspective encapsulates his journey and the subject matter of his work.

James specializes in photographing and capturing videos of microscopic organisms, such as amoebas, unveiling a world that often goes unnoticed by the naked eye. With his microscope as his tool and his deep knowledge of these tiny creatures, he guides his audience into this often-forgotten world.

21. Christian Brockes

most influential macro photographers

Christian, a master of extreme macro photography from Germany, utilizes his craft as a powerful tool to raise awareness about environmental issues. Through his work, he captures and documents spiders and insects, often showcasing species that may be unfamiliar to many of us. In doing so, Christian opens our eyes to the incredible wonders of nature that exist at a microscopic level.

By highlighting the beauty and diversity of these often overlooked creatures, Christian effectively draws attention to the urgent need for habitat conservation, the mitigation of climate change, and the reduction of pesticide and herbicide usage. His photography serves as a visual reminder of the interconnectedness of all species and the importance of protecting our natural ecosystems.

  1. Yudy Sauw

most influential macro photographers

Yudy Sauw, based in Banten, Indonesia, has gained significant recognition for his hyperreal and otherworldly close-up photographs of insects. His work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Wired and The Guardian.

Sauw captures these mesmerizing images in his home studio, using a Nikon D7000 camera paired with a Nikon 105mm AF f/2.8D lens. To achieve razor-sharp detailing, he employs a Raynox super macro conversion lens.

While his subjects primarily consist of common house flies and yellow jackets, Sauw's mastery of lighting techniques, facilitated by a Nikon R1C1 wireless close-up speedlight system, creates a dramatic and alien aesthetic. By carefully selecting solid tonal backgrounds, he enhances the visual impact of his shots, transforming humble insects into ethereal beings that seem to belong to another realm.

  1. Isaac Wishart

most influential macro photographers

Isaac Wishart, an acclaimed macro reptile and lizard photographer hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, showcases his incredible talent through his captivating images. Armed with a Nikon D850 camera and a Laowa 100mm macro lens, Wishart expertly captures the intricate details of reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitats.

His remarkable work has gained recognition in esteemed publications such as National Geographic Australia, BBC Wildlife Magazine, and Nature Photography Magazine. Wishart's specialization in close-up macro photography allows him to bring forth the hidden beauty and diversity of these often-underappreciated animals. Through his lens, he sheds light on the mesmerizing textures, patterns, and colors that define reptiles and lizards, offering viewers a unique perspective on these fascinating creatures.

24. Nathan Renfro

most influential macro photographers

Nathan, a gemologist and geologist, possesses a unique talent for capturing breathtaking images using a microscope. His subjects range from gems and rocks to minerals, allowing him to delve into the intricate details of these formations. With a Zeiss microscope, Nathan unveils a hidden world that often remains unseen.

Upon first glance, Nathan's gallery may give the impression that he has a background in graphic design or painting. His photography reveals mesmerizing aspects that are typically beyond our visual perception. The surfaces of these formations exhibit geometric patterns and structures, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

 25. Marit van Ekelenburg

most influential macro photographers

Since 2018, Marit van Ekelenburg have immersed myself in the world of macro photography. She would like to take you on this extraordinary journey—one filled with wonder, fascination, and boundless curiosity. From amateurish holiday snapshots taken with a smartphone camera to delving into the niche of extreme macro, there has been little in between for me. From the very beginning, she became addicted to capturing close-ups. The intricate details of a forget-me-not, the mesmerizing eyes of a hoverfly, the jaws of a vibrating spider.

26. Martin Reichenbach

most influential macro photographers

Martin Reichenbach is an exceptional macro photographer who possesses a deep passion for exploring and communicating the wonders of the natural world. Through his lens, he skillfully captures the innate beauty of nature and the intricate details of the insects that surround us. Martin acknowledges that the majority of his striking images are captured using Laowa macro lenses, enabling him to bring out the finest details and showcase the beauty of his subjects. His work serves as a testament to his dedication in revealing the hidden beauty of the natural world through the art of macro photography.

 27. Miles Herbert

most influential macro photographers

Miles Herbert, an accomplished professional photographer with a career spanning over 25 years, has made significant contributions to the field. In addition to his freelance work, his photographs have been featured in renowned publications worldwide, including National Geographic, The Times, The Smithsonian Magazine, and many other prestigious outlets.

To learn more about Miles Herbert and explore his impressive body of work, you can visit his personal website at www.shutterbutton.co.uk. His website serves as an informal showcase for his photography, providing a glimpse into his artistic vision and the diverse subjects he captures through his lens.

28. Kenneth R Myers

most influential macro photographers

Kenneth, a talented photographer hailing from Panama, has a deep connection with his homeland and its rich wildlife. Through his lens, he skillfully captures the stunning beauty of the local fauna, raising awareness about the importance of conservation and the need to protect nature.

His portfolio predominantly features images of birds and tiny insects, showcasing the incredible diversity and intricacy of these often-overlooked creatures. Kenneth's photographs possess a unique quality, resembling drawings or paintings brought to life. The vivid colors and exquisite details he captures transport viewers into a lesser-known world, inviting them to appreciate the wonders of nature in a new and profound way.

29. Michela Campanaro

most influential macro photographers

Michela, an Italian photographer, has a distinctive style that captures raw emotions in her photographs. Her images often have a dark and unedited appearance, which serves to enhance the subjects she portrays, particularly the tiny models she works with.

By embracing a minimalistic editing approach, Michela allows the authenticity and natural beauty of her subjects to shine through. The unfiltered and untouched look of her photos adds a sense of depth and evokes powerful emotions. Her skill lies in capturing the essence of her subjects in their unadulterated form, creating a connection between the viewer and the rawness of the captured moment.

In addition to her photography, Michela owns a feature account on Instagram with an impressive following of over 22,000 users


30. Marit Hovden

most influential macro photographers

Marit specializes in capturing stunning macro photos of waterdrops, making it her main subject of focus. Her portfolio showcases the mesmerizing beauty of these drops in a magical way.

Marit has a dedicated feature account on Instagram called @drops_creative, specifically created for sharing her captivating drop photos. Photographers can use the #drops_creative hashtag to submit their own work and potentially get featured on her account.

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