Godox Magic XT1 is an excellent and portable microphone system

With powerful custom settings, the Godox Magic XT1 is aimed at offering high-quality audio for interview, livestream, outdoor shooting and more. 

Godox is making its entry into the audio market with a range of audio devices designed to simplify the process of capturing high-quality sound while filming videos with cameras and smartphones. Priced at $109 for  USB-C version and $129 for lighting version, the Godox audio devices offer three recording modes and a maximum line-of-sight (LOS) range of 200 meters. These audio devices will be available for purchase on our Insstro Amazon store starting next month.

The Godox Magic XT1 is a portable and user-friendly solution designed specifically for photographers and content creators. The Godox Magic XT1 represents an innovative step forward for Godox, introducing a new concept of 2+1=1.  

The Magic XT1 includes two transmitters and one receiver when using this Godox microphone. This unique configuration offers increased flexibility and versatility for capturing audio in various scenarios. By providing two transmitters, Godox enables simultaneous audio recording from multiple sources, making it an ideal choice for interviews, multi-person conversations, or capturing audio from different directions.

When the Godox Magic XT1 needs to be stored or charged, the two transmitters can be conveniently placed at the bottom of the receiver, creating a unified single unit (=1). Moreover, even with the transmitters safely stowed within the receiver, you can still attach the entire unit to your camera's hotshoe, facilitating easy storage and accessibility. 

The Godox Magic XT1 also offers several notable features, including three output options for seamless integration with your camera: Mono, Stereo, and -6dB Safety Track. These output modes enable users to capture clear and excellent audio when filming videos, allowing for greater flexibility in achieving desired sound results.

Additionally, the Godox Magic XT1 is equipped with an intuitive OLED touchscreen interface. This user-friendly interface allows for easy adjustments to settings, providing precise control and accurate numerical feedback during operation.

Another notable feature of the Godox Magic XT1 is its powerful custom settings, designed to provide precise and accurate audio adjustments. These features include a 1-click dynamic noise reduction (DNR) function, a 150Hz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise, and a 10-level volume adjustment for fine-tuning audio levels according to specific recording requirements.

To ensure optimal performance in outdoor environments and challenging situations, the Godox Magic XT1 is equipped with a high-gain 2.4GHz antenna and boasts a maximum line-of-sight (LOS) range of 200 meters. This design helps maintain clear and high-quality audio transmission, allowing you to capture pristine sound even in demanding recording conditions.

Godox highlights that the Godox Magic XT1 is designed to provide extended usage with its powerful battery. The transmitter component of the Godox Magic XT1 offers up to 8 hours of runtime, while the receiver (RX) can power up to 16 hours of continuous recording.

These impressive battery specifications allow users to capture audio for extended periods without interruption. So although the Godox Magic XT1 offers a range of important and good features , we’ll have to wait for full reviews to see how it performs in the real world.

Here is the detailed specifications:

System Model Magic XT1
Transmission Type 2.4GHz frequency hopping system
Pickup Pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency Range 20Hz~20KHz
Max. SPL 115dB
Sampling Rate 48kHz/24bit
Signal to Noise Ratio ≈ 70dB
Max. Wireless Transmission Distance 200m (sight distance)
Working Environment Temperature -10℃ ~+50℃
Input/Output Parameters

TX Charging Paints: 5V⎓80mA

RX Charging Points: 5V⎓80mA (*2)

RX USB-C Inputs: 5V⎓550mA

Lithium Battery Parameters

TX: 3.8V, 80mAh, 0.304Wh

RX: 3.8V, 680mAh, 2.58Wh

Working Time

TX: Approx. 8h

RX: Approx. 16h (with two transmitters)

Charging Time

TX: Approx.2h

RX: Approx. 2.5h

Dimension ≈

TX: 0.66”X0.35”X0.25”

RX: 0.94”X0.94”X0.69”

Net Weight ≈

TX (excluding the magnetic back button): 8g

RX: 50g

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