Save Big on Godox Products: Don't Miss the 2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon's Black Friday deals are set to begin on Nov. 17, but you can already take advantage of early savings to jumpstart your holiday shopping.

During this shopping season, are you in search of Godox flash units for your favorite cameras? Take a look at the details below:

What is the Godox?

Godox is a renowned brand in the field of photographic lighting and accessories. They offer a diverse range of products that cater to various photographic genres and styles. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast, Godox provides a wide selection of lighting solutions to meet your specific needs. From portable flash units to studio lighting setups, Godox offers reliable and high-quality products that enhance your photography experience.

Best Godox Wireless Microphone System Deals 2023

Product Name Links Your Price Sale_Price Discount %
Godox MoveLink mini UC 119 109 8%
Godox MoveLink mini LT 129 119 8%
Godox  GM55 5.5" 4K HDMI 199 179 10%
GODOX Geniusmic 3.5mm 29.9 25 16%
GODOX Geniusmic UC Type C 39.9 34 14%
Godox VDS-M2 229 194 15%
Godox Umic82 USB 109 99 9%
Godox Umic12 139 89 36%
Godox EM68 65 55 15%
Godox EM68G 99 85 14%
Godox Virso S M2 299 239 20%
Godox Virso M2 249 225 10%
Godox MoveLink II M2 199 169 15%
GODOX Virso M2 Wireless Microphone System          £235.00    £212.00 10%
GODOX Virso S M2 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System £289.00  £231.00 20%

 How to buy a wireless microphone?

Five things to consider when buying a wireless microphone:

  • Frequency
  • Operating Range
  • Reliability
  • Sound Quality
  • Features

What is the range of Godox wireless mic?

The Movelink features a digital frequency-hopping system operating at a 2.4 GHz bandwidth, providing a maximum line-of-sight range of 50m.

What is the range of Godox Movelink M2?

The M2 utilizes a digital, frequency-hopping system operating at a 2.4 GHz bandwidth, offering a maximum line-of-sight range of up to 164 feet.

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Best Godox LED Video Light Deals 2023

Product Name Links Your Price Sale_Price Discount %
Godox TL30 89 69 22%
Godox SL100D 179 149 17%
Godox SL100Bi 229 159 31%
Godox SL60IID 139 119 14%
Godox SL60IIBI 169 139 18%
Godox M1 129 99 23%
Godox ES45: 139 119 14%
Godox ES30 119 99 17%


GODOX SL-60W 60W $139.00  $109.00  22%
Godox SL60 SL60IID $139.00  $119.00  14%

What are LED video lights used for?

Filmmakers have relied on LED lights to enhance the mood in their films and videos. Nowadays, LEDs are commonly used as the main source of illumination on sets. One significant advantage of LED lights is their remote controllability, allowing filmmakers to conveniently illuminate an entire scene from a central location.

What are the 3 types of lights used in video production?

The three-point lighting setup, consisting of a key light, a fill light, and a backlight, is widely recognized as the most common and essential configuration for professional videographers.

Is Godox a good brand?

Godox has firmly established itself as a reputable brand in the photography market.

What is the battery capacity of Godox tl30?

The built-in battery has a capacity of 2900mAh.

 How long does it take to charge Godox tl30?

The internal charger can fully charge the device from 0 to 100% within 2.4 hours, providing you with 2 hours of continuous full power at daylight color temperature.

How bright is the Godox tl30?

740 Lux

What is the CRI rating of Godox?

95+ 96

What is the difference between SL60IID and sl60iibi?

The SL60IID is well-suited for individuals who prioritize brightness, while the SL60llBi, with its adjustable color temperature ranging from 2800K to 6500K, is ideal for those seeking to create different moods. It's important to note that noise in the scene can impact video performance. Fortunately, the upgraded lights are significantly quieter, ensuring a more peaceful environment for your filming needs.

Is Godox SL60 battery powered?


How bright is the Godox SL60?


How bright is Godox M1?

100% illumination(Lux): 1700 max.

What are the effects of Godox M1?

2023 Godox Flash Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Built-in 15 kinds different Fx special light effects presets.

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