Godox ML60ii bi vs Aputure Amaran COB 60X S Bi-Color LED Video Light

 To the surprise of no one, the Godox announced the Godox ML60ii bi led light. That means, as of now, the Godox ml60 lineup consists of the Godox ml60 and the Godox ML60ii bi. The Godox ML60ii bi will be available on 25th, March on Insstromall amazon store. Today, in this article, we’ll compare the Godox ML60ii Bi against the Amaran COB 60X S bi color led light to help you to make a right decision.

That’s just a brief overview of some of the main differences between the Godox ML60ii bi and Amaran COB 60X S bi-color, though. You can dig into the more granular differences in the chart below, where we’ve rounded up all the relevant specs.

Godox ML60ii Bi vs Aputure Amaran COB 60X S Bi-Color


Godox ML60ii bi

Aputure Amaran COB 60X S Bi-Color

Color Temperature

2800 to 6500K

2700 to 6500K

Color Modes

Daylight, Tungsten

Daylight, Tungsten

Color Accuracy Standard 

CRI 96


CRI 96


TM-30 Rf 96

TM-30 Rg 100

SSI 87 at 5600K


Built-In Dimmer

 • 0 to 100%

Built-In Dimmer (Continuous)

 • 0 to 100%

Wireless Remote Control Type 



Mobile App Compatible

Yes: Android & iOS

App Name: Godox Light

Yes: Android & iOS

App Name: Sidus Link

Wireless Range

98.4' / 30 m (Bluetooth)

262.5' / 80 m (Bluetooth)

Power Source 

AC to DC Adapter (Included)

Battery (Not Included)

AC to DC Adapter (Included)

Battery (Not Included)

Power Consumption 

Max. ≈70W

78 W (Maximum)

Cooling System 



Beam Angle 

6 to 55 °

109° Unmodified

14° with Included Reflector

Built-In Flash 



Umbrella Mount 



Front Accessory Mount 








Aluminum (Housing)


4.38 x 3.62 x 3.46" / 11.13 x 9.19 x 8.79 cm (Fixture)

4.61 x 4.37 x 4.37" / 11.71 x 11.1 x 11.1 cm (Fixture)

9.09 x 4.61 x 4.37" / 23.09 x 11.71 x 11.1 cm (Fixture with Mount)


1.2 lb / 526 g (Fixture)

1.53 lb / 0.69 kg (Fixture)

1.1 lb / 0.5 kg (Power Supply/Controller)

5.72 lb / 2.59 kg (Overall Kit)



Color temperature

Let's discuss the color temperature capabilities of the Godox ML60ii Bi-LED video light and the Amaran COB 60X S bi-color. Cool light can be ideal for creating a bright and vibrant atmosphere, especially in settings that require a sense of energy or a modern look and Warm light, typically associated with lower color temperatures, can indeed create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Both lights could offer you comfortable and great experience. Both lights offer a range of 2800K to 6500K for the Godox ML60 Mark II and 2700K to 6500K for the Aputure LS 60x. In practical terms, there isn't a significant difference between these two lights in this aspect.

Quality and CRI

Quality is indeed a crucial factor for many content creators when choosing LED video lights. Both the Godox ML60ii bi led video light and the Aputure Amaran COB 60X S bi-color LED Video Light are designed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and ease of handling. This feature allows content creators to comfortably carry and transport the lights as needed for their projects. Having well-built and reliable equipment is essential for achieving professional results and ensuring a smooth workflow.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a significant factor in assessing how accurately colors are rendered by a light source. The CRI is measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 representing the highest accuracy, which is typically associated with sunlight. In general, a higher CRI indicates better lighting quality and more accurate color reproduction.

For photography and videography purposes, a light source with a CRI higher than 90 is considered ideal. This ensures that the colors captured by the camera or observed by the human eye closely resemble the true colors of the subject. In terms of these two led lights, they both have good performance in this regard. Aputure LS 60x is for 95 and the Godox ML60 Mark II bi is for 96.

Color Modes and Cooling System

The Aputure Amaran COB 60X S Bi-Color and the Godox ML60ii bi, which offers both Daylight and Tungsten options, provide versatile color modes and efficient cooling systems. They offer a balanced and neutral lighting effect as well as warm and cozy lighting. The built-in fans effectively dissipate heat, preventing overheating and ensuring the lights' longevity.

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