Godox WEC Kit 2 Review

The Godox WEC Kit2 excels at capturing your voice from a distance without any dropouts, allowing you to freely walk and talk wirelessly to the camera. The kit's onboard noise reduction software is reasonably effective, but for even better results, it is recommended to utilize post-production noise reduction tools.

The market for wireless microphone sets is rather crowded - I’ve reviewed 10 wireless kits for Digital Camera World since 2022! Wireless mic manufacturers compete with each other by adding features such as onboard recording on transmitters and sound level displays on receivers, but these features come at a cost.

If you’re a video content creator who wants to improve the quality of their program’s audio without blowing their budget then the Godox WEC 2-Person Kit is worth considering.
The WEC lacks the onboard recording feature and the level display indicator of the Godox Virso wireless kit (see our review) but it costs approximately half the price and does an effective job of transmitting your voice wirelessly from a distance. 
To find a detailed review of the Godox WEC Kit 2, it is recommend visiting Digital Camera World.

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