Godox ML60 vs Godox SL60 - Which Offers the Best Value for Your Money?

As we all know, Godox has released two Continuous Led video lights: the Godox ML60 and the Godox SL60. The Godox ML60 is priced at $269, while the Godox SL60 is priced at $139. Both lights are available for purchase on Amazon. Fortunately, the Godox ML60 has additional members in its lineup, including the Godox ML60 II Bi, which was released in 2024. You can also check out this new model.

After testing and using these two LED video lights for a while, it is challenging for us to determine which one is the best option for videographers and photographers. This is because different users have varying purposes and preferences. However, both the Godox ML60 and the Godox SL60 have proven to be portable and perform well in terms of output, color rendition, temperature, and specifications.

Below is a brief overview of the specifications of these two Godox continuous Led video lights. If you are interested in purchasing one and would like detailed information about them, please take the time to read the following articles to learn more.

Godox ML60 detailed review

Godox SL60 detailed review

If you are interested in comparing how the Godox ML60 stacks up against the Godox SL60, this is the perfect resource for you. We have summarized the key differences between the two, while also highlighting some of the new changes that have been introduced. This will help you gain a better understanding of the distinctions between the two models.


Godox ML60

Godox SL60

Power Output



Power Brightness @ 1m

13,000 LUX

4,100 lux @1m

Power Brightness @ 0.5m

69,000 LUX


Colour Temperature

5600 ±200K






Built-In Dimmer

 • 0 to 100%

Built-In Dimmer

 • 10 to 100%

Color Modes



Cooling System

Ultra-Quiet Fan 

Quiet Fan 




Power Range



Power Supply

Output 16.8V 4.2A (2x NP-F970 Batteries optional)

AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz


5.7 x 3.5 x 3.5" / 14.5 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm (Fixture)

9.4 x 9.1 x 5.5" / 24 x 23 x 14 cm (Fixture)


1.7 lb / 0.77 kg

3.55 lb / 1.61 kg


Reasons to buy the Godox ML60 over the Godox SL60


Godox ML60 vs Godox SL60



0.77kg vs 1.61kg

Slightly lightweight

Fan Noise

Great vs Fair

Get some silent environment in use


0-100% vs10-100%

More full control over the light

Power Brightness

13,000 LUX vs 4,100 lux

Add more lights for better result

Use interface

Simple vs complicated

Simple and straight for controlling

Carry Bag




n terms of design, the Godox ML60 and the Godox SL60 may appear similar, but there are some minor differences. The Godox ML60 features a metal construction, while the Godox SL60 is made of plastic. The dimensions of the Godox ML60 are 5.7 x 3.5 x 3.5" and it weighs 0.77kg, whereas the Godox SL60 measures 9.4 x 9.1 x 5.5" and weighs 1.61kg. The Godox ML60 LED continuous light is slightly lighter in weight.

When it comes to fan noise, both of these continuous LED lights are equipped with excellent fans.

However, in practical usage, it has been observed that the Godox SL60w tends to produce some noise, while the Godox ML60 remains silent. This is a notable improvement in the Godox ML60. If you are using the continuous Led light for YouTube, TikTok, or other video production purposes, the Godox ML60 is the optimal choice for you due to its noise-free operation.

In general, we understand that most Godox continuous Led lights offer a dimming range of 0 to 100%, providing users with complete control over the light's intensity with ease and efficiency. However, these two Godox Led lights differ in terms of dimming capabilities.

The Godox ML60 supports a dimming range of 0 to 100%, whereas the Godox SL60w offers a dimming range of 10 to 100%. This difference in dimming range can potentially limit creative control and have an impact on low-light scenes.

Regarding the user interface, the Godox ML60 features a toggle button for power and two dial buttons on the back, enabling users to quickly control and adjust settings. Additionally, with its OLED display, users can easily view and check the settings information directly. Furthermore, as mentioned in our review of the Godox ML60, it comes with a convenient carry bag, whereas the Godox SL60w does not

Reasons to Buy Godox SL60 over Godox ML60


Godox SL60 vs Godox ML60



$139 vs $269

Affordable price


The Godox SL60 is priced at $139, making it more affordable than the Godox ML60, which is priced at $269. For many beginner videographers, the Godox SL60 is a worthwhile option as it allows you to embark on your video production journey even with a limited budget.

Advantages of both Godox SL60 and the Godox ML60


Godox SL60

Godox ML60

Output power



Colour Temperature

5600 ±200K

5600 ±300K

Color Modes






In terms of output power, both the Godox SL60 and the Godox ML60 come with 60W, delivering exceptional lighting performance in practical applications. The Godox SL60 offers a color temperature of 5600 ±200K, while the Godox ML60 provides a slightly wider range with a color temperature of 5600 ±300K. The daylight color temperature is particularly advantageous for video lighting purposes.


Both the Godox ML60 and the Godox SL60 are excellent choices. However, the Godox ML60 stands out due to its remarkably quiet fan operation, which is highly beneficial for all content creators. Its buttons on the back of the Godox ML60 also contributes to its user-friendly design, ensuring easy and straightforward adjustment of settings.

If you frequently capture videos and take photos outdoors, the Godox ML60 is the ideal choice for you. With a brightness level of 13,000 LUX, it provides sufficient lighting for illuminating your subjects in outdoor settings. On the other hand, if you prefer to save some money for accessories and often use led lights for studios, and are not inclined to spend too much, the Godox SL60 is definitely worth considering.


Is Godox SL60W good for photography?

the Godox SL-60W LED video lights are highly regarded for various applications such as product shooting, photojournalism, and video recording. Their versatility and quality make them a popular choice among photographers and videographers.

What mount is Godox SL60W?

Bowens S

What is the temperature of SL60W?


What mount is Godox ML60?

Godox Mount.

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