How the Godox AD200pro differ from one another (and the Godox AD600pro)


The Godox AD200Pro offers 200Ws of high power, excellent recycle time, and flash duration. However, how does the Godox AD600Pro differ from the Godox AD200Pro?

There are numerous Godox pocket camera flashes available in the market. Choosing the right camera flash for your photography needs may appear straightforward: Godox provides a wide range of camera flashes in various sizes, colors, and functionalities. All you need to do is select the most suitable one based on factors such as output power, recycle time, flash duration, and shooting conditions.

In this article, we will compare the Godox AD200Pro and the Godox AD600Pro to assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing a camera flash.

Godox AD200pro and Godox AD600 spec comparison


Godox AD200pro

Godox AD600pro

Maximum Power  



Power Control  

9 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments

9 Stops

Guide Number  

170.6' / 52 m, ISO 100

285' / 87 m, ISO 100

Recycle Time  

0.01 to 1.8 Sec

0.01 to 0.9 Sec

Color Temperature  

5600K +/- 200K

5600K +/- 200K

Sync Type  

Optical, Radio


Built-In Wireless Receiver  



Flash Duration  

1/220 to 1/15,380 Sec

1/10,000 to 1/220 Sec

Sync Speed  

1/8000 Sec (High-Speed)

1/8000 seconds

Wireless Frequency  

2.4 GHz Single-Band

2.4 GHz

Wireless Channels / Groups  

32 / 5

32 / 5

Wireless Range

328.1' / 100 m (Radio)

328' / 100 m (Radio)

Battery Capacity  

2900 mAh

2600 mAh

Flashes Per Charge  

500 Flashes (Full Power)

360 Flashes


H: 6.8 x W: 3.0 x L: 2.1" / H: 172.0 x W: 75.0 x L: 54.0 mm

H: 9.6 x W: 4.9 x L: 9.8" / H: 24.5 x W: 12.5 x L: 25.0 cm, Including Battery


1.3 lb / 590 g

6.6 lb / 3 kg, Including Battery


The Godox AD200Pro and the Godox AD600Pro share several key features, such as a color temperature of 5600K +/- 200K, a sync speed of 1/8000, a wireless frequency of 32/5, and a wireless range of 328.1 feet. These features collectively contribute to delivering excellent results for users. Now, let's delve into the significant differences between these two camera flashes.


The Godox AD200Pro weighs 590g and has a starting price of $349. In contrast, the Godox AD600Pro weighs 3kg and is priced at $899. Additionally, the Godox AD100Pro is available for $299, while the Godox V1 is priced at $259. These various Godox models offer excellent features.

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Output Power and Recycle Time

Now, let's discuss the output power of these camera flashes. The Godox AD600Pro, with its 600Ws power output, is designed for photographers who frequently shoot in outdoor environments. This high power allows photographers to effectively illuminate their subjects even in challenging lighting conditions or when shooting at a distance.

On the other hand, the Godox AD200Pro offers a lower power output of 200Ws. This compact camera flash is suitable for photographers working in studio settings or smaller to medium-sized rooms. While it may not have the same power as the AD600Pro, the AD200Pro still provides ample lighting for various photography needs in indoor environments.

Speaking of recycle time, both the Godox AD200Pro and the Godox AD600Pro boast fast recycle times. The Godox AD200Pro has a recycle time range of 0.01 to 1.8 seconds, while the Godox AD600Pro offers a slightly faster recycle time range of 0.01 to 0.9 seconds.

In theory, both of these Godox camera flashes are well-suited for capturing rapid consecutive shots. However, it's worth noting that the Godox AD600Pro has a quicker recycle time compared to the AD200Pro.


Battery Life and Charging

Unsurprisingly, battery life stands out as one of the notable differences between these two camera flashes. The Godox AD200Pro offers a fast charging time of approximately 4 hours, slightly longer than the 3.5 hours required for the Godox AD100Pro. In comparison, the Godox AD600Pro takes nearly 3 hours to charge. In terms of battery life, the Godox AD600Pro takes the lead.

Regarding battery capacity, the Godox AD600Pro comes with a 2600mAh battery, offering approximately 360 flashes per charge. On the other hand, the Godox AD200Pro provides up to 500 flashes per charge with its 2900mAh battery. Despite its slightly smaller battery capacity, the Godox AD200Pro still offers an impressive number of flashes, making it suitable for shooting various situations.


Despite the arrival of the Godox AD600Pro, the Godox AD200Pro continues to be available and well-received by many users due to its excellent capabilities and features. It remains a popular choice, particularly for those who want to save money on Godox AD series accessories.

The Godox AD200Pro is an affordable option that offers many features found in the more expensive Godox AD600Pro. It provides a compelling value proposition, especially for photographers on a budget.

One notable advantage of the Godox AD200Pro is its battery life, offering 500 flashes per charge with a 2900mAh battery. This, coupled with its affordable price point of $349, allows photographers to enjoy high output power and extended battery life for creative shooting without breaking the bank.

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