INSSTRO 58MM Petal Flower Lens Hood

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  • Backlight, side light, or flash photography can prevent the entry of non-imaging light and avoid fog.
  •  It can prevent scattered light from entering the lens during smooth and side light photography.
  • When photographing by light or at night, the surrounding interference light can be avoided from entering the lens.
  • It can prevent accidental damage to the lens, avoid fingers touching the lens surface by mistake, and shield the lens from sand, rain, and snow to some extent.
  • The light shield is widely used in backlight photography; generally, it can avoid glare. However, if the light source is close, glare may still occur. At this point, you can use your hands to block the hood on the side of the light source. Whether the glare is eliminated should be observed clearly from the viewfinder.
  • Your lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the barrel. This number is always preceded by a "Ø (diameter) symbol. For example: Ø58 = 58mm lens thread size. 

    Package Included

    1x Petal Flower Lens Hood

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