INSSTRO 0.45x Wide Angle Camera Lens with MACRO 58mm




  •  Super High-Resolution Wide Deluxe Digital Lenses
  •  Multi Coated Optical Glass
  • Built-in detachable MACRO lens for extreme close-up shots
  • Full Panoramic Capability
  • High-Resolution Precision Optics, Day or Night
  • New and high-quality
  • This is a 52mm 0.45x Wide Angle and Macro Lens. The camera's angle of view multiplies the camcorder digital/video camera by 0.45 times, which more than doubles the camera's angle of view.
  • Great for landscapes or recording in situations.

The 0.45x Wide-Angle dramatically increases your wide-angle range. Fit the entire family or the whole team into the picture. It can be used Night or Day.


  • Product name: 58MM 0.45x Wide Angle Lens + Macro Lens
  • Product material: aluminum magnesium alloy+optical glass+coating
  • Magnification: 0.45x
  • Interface diameter: 58MM
  • Front end diameter: 62MM
  • Color: Black 
  • Suitable For: All 58mm DSLR and Digital Camera Lens

Package Included

  • 1x 58mm 0.45X Camera Wide Angle & Macro Lens
  • 1x Front Lens Cap
  • 1x Back Lens Cap
  • 1x Lens Bag

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